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Black Shuck Sport & Leisure can be your single source supply partner, reducing your time shopping for goods and helping to increase the effeciency of your club, team, group, organisation or business and reducing acquisition costs.

Try us, take advantage of the great deals we have in place with suppliers including East Coast Promotions, Samurai, TekBox, Blitz, Racketline & Ralawise.



Professional service

We give you quick and easy access to more than 5000 products, safe in the knowledge that you are buying from a qualified and experienced supply chain and health & safety professional who has more than 30yrs involvement in local sports and volunteering.

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Our purchasing strategy means we are able to offer competitive pricing and all your enquiries will be answered within 12 hours, meaning a quick confirmation from us that we are working for you straight away.

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Benefits for you.

As a customer we will also offer you:

Even if you have printed or embroidered items you will have the opportunity to purchase repeat items at the click of a button.

You can be included in a monthly newsletter which will promote our customers and provide information on local events, physical & mental health, volunteer management (recruitment, retention, recognition and reward), fund raising, health & safety.

You can be promoted at our SportZone at public events - helping with marketing and recruiting the people you need, participants, volunteers, members, supporters, customers.

Whatever you need - Black Shuck sport & leisure will do everything they can to provide a tailor made service for you.

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Physical & Mental wellbeing

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