We concentrate our efforts on making sure everybody has fun and coaching the right skills for specific sports along with the key elements needed for most sports,

Running, Jumping, Throwing, Catching and Kicking.

The SportZone welcomes people of all age's and abilities.

The set up will be similar to the below image.

The SportZone requires a relatively level and flat area with short grass so that people can participate safely. 

Minimum area required 20m x 20m

The front of the SportZone should be on the main pedestrian walkway around the event.

The entrance only needs to be approx 10m wide.

Our own and our sponsors banners will be on display for the duration of our attendance.

We do ask that at least one side of the area is clear from other stands, stalls, rides or seating areas to ensure the health & safety of passers by or spectators who may not be expecting to header a football if someone misses a shot at goal.

Beside the SportZone we will set up an advice / information stand and a shop selling clothing, equipment, injury prevention and recovery items.

 All advice / information, clothing and equipment will be in relation to promoting better Physical and Mental health.

1 vehicle will remain at the SportZone to enable us to change activities during the course of the event, ensuring that everyone is having fun & people of all abilities are catered for.

We can operate 2 seperate areas with smaller set up offering running, jumping and throwing course for younger children..

We also have activities that would be great as a part of an events main arena, fun races, tug of war etc.

Our staff wear bright red polo shirts and black baseball caps.

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