About Us

We are passionate about ensuring that all supplies, materials, equipment and services are procured at the lowest possible cost - cost being defined as the optimum combination of price, quality, availability and service.


We specialise in sports and fitness clothing & equipment


We can supply anything you or your organisation might need including workwear for numerous trades and industries including PPE.


Online Shop
Our unique layout enables you to shop by
Individual - Clothing, Personal Equiment or Fitness items you can use at home or around a busy day.
Training - Equipment ideal for two people upto a full team training session, Fitness and Skills all taken care of.

Working Together

Black Shuck Sport & Leisure can be your Procurement partner, We are happy to work with everybody from individuals to schools, clubs or businesses.

We are also happy to provide services or advice on Health & Safety, Volunteer management or any sports related queries you may have.

Our own Sports area for public events, aimed at all ages and abilities to have a bit of fun trying different sports and activities.

Prices & Promises

Our purchasing strategy means we are able to offer competitive pricing and all your enquiries will be answered within 12 hours, meaning a quick confirmation from us that we are working for you straight away.

No setting up fee's

No long term contracts

Simple processes

Our list of associates mean that if we cannot do something for you then we will find someone who can.

Benefits for You

As a customer we will also offer you:

The opportunity to place repeat orders at the click of a button, even if you have printed or embroidered items.

Your own advert or even shop on this website, for Clubs, Teams, Groups, Musicians and Businesses.

You can be promoted at our SportZone at public events - helping with marketing and recruiting the people you need, participants, volunteers, members, supporters, customers.

Whatever you need - Black Shuck sport & leisure will do everything they can to provide a tailor made service for you.

Our Supply Chain