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Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult

Touch Rugby



Soft Tennis

Battle Rope

Football Skills



Our people.

Our equipment.

Our insurance.


                                          EDF FAMILY FUN DAY 2018

The SportZone is for children and adults, it is managed by a qualified and experienced sports coach and assistants.

This is the place to try a sport that you have never tried before, who knows you may have a hidden talent.

We love sport and promoting the enjoyment and benefits that participating brings.

We are happy to create mutually beneficial arrangements with local clubs and teams to promote them and inform the public of whats available to them locally.


We need an area of at least 15m² and thats it, no power required, no direct access to water, we do not sell food or drink and we do not charge people to try sports.

Those participating can have a go at at any of the sports that we cover (all non contact games).

All our assistants have many years experience of playing and coaching sports with all age groups, men and women, they have basic first aid knowledge, safeguarding and are DBS covered.
The SportZone is fully insured.

The Black Shuck stand

We may set up a small area beside the above SportZone and
promote our business, selling sports and leisure clothing and equipment,
promoting associate sports clubs, teams, local performers and
associate businesses in the sports and leisure market.
We are very pleased that when available Sax Velo bicycle shop will come with the Black Shuck stand and talk to the public about bicycle maintenance.
We will provide a risk assessment and a copy of our insurance cover 
when you make your booking.
All our bookings are £30 per hour
Regular or Block bookings may be available if you are a school, club or other organisation.
(additional charges may apply dependent on travel requirements)
Contact blackshucksl@gmail.com to ask any questions or make a booking.