2 x 5kg Adjustable Ankle Weights

2 x 5kg Adjustable Ankle Weights

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10kg (5kg each) Adjustable Ankle Weights

An easy way to increase the intensity of our exercise regime, the Komodo Neoprene Ankle Weights help you to burn more calories every time you workout. Use the weights whilst walking, weight lifting and undertaking endurance sessions to get more out of every minute that you exercise. 

Ankle and wrist weights increase resistance and so ensure that every move you make is more challenging. You can improve your results without exercising for longer which makes the weights an excellent investment if you are challenged for time. Any form of exercise will become more intense when you use the weights and your heart rate and oxygen consumption will increase. The extra weight is great for toning your legs and building greater stamina.

These particular weights are the ultimate in adaptability, as they are adjustable all the way up to a maximum of 5kg each, making the total weight of the set 10kg. Simply remove and add weights at will to find the resistance to suit your routine and exercise. This gives you the option to start with something small and work up towards heavier totals. It also allows you to tailor routines for either short term intensity or long session endurance.

Increase the intensity of your exercise

Each ankle weight holds 5 individual 1kg weights, making a total of 5kg for each ankle. These can be removed and re-added as you wish, so you can start off with a lighter amount before pushing on to the full weigh once you've got used to them. It also allows you to make incremental increases through your training schedule. Each 1kg weight is carried in a small pouch, which can be zipped closed at the top to make sure they don't fall out mid-exercise. They are also adjustable in size by threading the straps through the metal loops and securing them in place with the hook and loop strips.

Toning and stamina

By adding weight, you increase the intensity of your workout, improving your cardiovascular fitness and burning more calories. Weights help you to tone your legs, build stamina and enhance your cardiovascular fitness.


  • Pre-filled weights included
  • Add resistance to your workout
  • Can be used as ankle or wrist weights
  • A pair of adjustable ankle weights, each weighing up to 5kg, giving a max total weight of the set as 10kg