Elbow Pad

Elbow Pad

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LP Elbow Pads offer high density padding to cushion against blows and bumps, protecting the elbow from bruises and friction burns as well as minimising the chances of future injuries.

The pads are made of superior KEVLAR fibres from DUPONT®, which are treated with abrasion resistant and non-slip adhesives to make for the best protection. The pads are also water-repellent and freeze resistant to -25⁰C.

LP Elbow Pads are comprised of high quality neoprene as well as stretch nylon for comfort. They are suitable for football goalkeepers, handball, volleyball or wrestling. They are supplied in singles.

Measure around the elbow joint.

Small 9 - 10 " 22.9 -25.4cm
Medium 10 ⅛ - 11 " 25.7 - 27.9cm
Large 11 ⅛ - 12 " 28.3 - 30.5cm
X-Large 12 ⅛ - 13 " 31 - 33cm

Hand wash with mild soap in cold water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry at room temperature. Do not machine wash or dry.