Extreme Knee Support Open Patella

Extreme Knee Support Open Patella

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The LP Extreme Knee Support Open Patella provides support and compression for weak or overstressed knees and includes a reinforced patella stabiliser to prevent displacement and excessive knee cap movement.

The additional ⅛" oval pad gives extra padded protection to the joint and the open patella prevents excess pressure on the kneecap.

This support is helpful for post-operative knee problems, strains, arthritis and protection against abrasions. Stretch fabric ensures comfort during wear, and is easy to slip on or off.

The LP Extreme Knee Support is part of our extensive range of knee supports and is made of innovative Coolprene® material which can relieve pain, swelling and stiffness and help injuries recover faster. Coolprene® also provides dynamic protection during exercise for maximum comfort, excellent recovery and best protection

Measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with knee fully extended.

Small  13 - 14 "  
Medium 14 ⅛ - 15 "  
Large 15 ⅛ – 17 "  
X-Large 17 ⅛  - 20 "  


Hand wash with mild soap in cold water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry at room temperature. Do not machine wash or dry.