Komodo 15mm Exercise Mat

Komodo 15mm Exercise Mat

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The Komodo mat is a great must-have for exercise enthusiasts, which offers great support for exercise as it is 15mm thick. Also the mat can be used for camping or as mat for any activity. Coming with a carry strap it can be easily taken to and from classes and carried place to place. 

High Quality and Practical

Komodo’s exercise mat is 15mm thick meaning it gives great comfort and support to its user. It is made from a quality material that is built to last and high density foam that gives great padding. They’re easily rolled up and secured by carry strap. Lightweight making transporting the mat effortless. Ideal for Use on Hard Floors. Also Suitable for Camping, Picnics & Gardens. 

Non-Slip but Still Easy to Clean

The wipe clean surface meaning it’s effortless to clean and keep clean. Simply wipe the sweat of a good workout off and keep germs and dirt away. Komodo’s exercise mat is non-slip meaning that when you work out you won’t slide off and hurt yourself. You can push yourself in your workouts without fear of a slip. The mat grips to the surface you place it on keeping you and the mat stable.