Komodo Weighted Vest

Komodo Weighted Vest

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Weighted Vest for Intense Training Workouts

Our Komodo weighted vest will help you optimise your workout routine whether you're doing cardio or looking to improve your strength. This product features a removable weights which allow the user to make the vest lighter or heavier.

Remove and Add Weights for Varied Intensity

Featuring removable weights, the vest is a versatile addition to your gear. It's fashioned from neoprene and so is comfortable to wear. You can remove and add weights as your fitness improves and the vest will raise the intensity of both cardio workouts and strength training. It's surprising how much difference it makes when you carry that extra weight!

Increase the Intensity of your Exercise and Workouts

Extra weight enables you to build strength quickly as your muscles are forced to work that little bit harder. Naturally, you will also burn more calories without having to lengthen your sessions and your stamina will improve into the bargain. Whether you are running, walking or performing push-ups, you can get more from your session and enjoy incredible cardiovascular benefits by wearing a weighted vest.


  • Weights Included
  • Flex fitting and stable during rigorous exercise
  • Weight is distributed evenly across the jacket
  • Ideal for burning calories fast, increase stamina, muscle toning, gaining quickness, strength and power
  • Perfect for professional gym and home training use
  • Weight vest-material: Neoprene filled with iron sand bags
  • Material: Steel, Particle Board, EVA Pads