Komodo Rotating Push Up Handles

Komodo Rotating Push Up Handles

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Komodo Rotating Push Up Handles

Are you someone that is passionate about their fitness and wants to keep on pushing themselves towards their goals? Well our Komodo sports push up handles are perfect for you. They aid your push ups by taking the pressure off the joints, meaning you can do more push ups. 

The push up pad rotates to allow you to target different parts of the body such as triceps, chest and shoulders. Meaning this product improves your workout. 

Put the bar right by your ribs with your knuckles facing you to emphasize the triceps, or place them wider than your shoulders to put greater emphasis on the fronts of the shoulders. 

Relieve Wrist Pain

The push up handles relieve pressure on your wrists enabling you to increase the intensity of your exercise without experiencing pain.

Increase Your Range Of Motion

By rotating the handles you increase your range of motion and you can also target different areas of your body by repositioning the handles.


  • Enhance the Benefits of Standard Push Up Workouts
  • Improves Comfort
  • Rotating Design Allows for a Wider Range of Exercises
  • Improve Your Posture, Flexibility & Full Body Strength
  • Quality, Smooth Ball Bearing Movement
  • Comfy Grips
  • Non Slip Base
  • Max User Weight: 100KG
  • Diameter: 20cm 

    In The Box:
  • 2x Rotating Push Up Handles