PRINCE - TRIPLE THREAT - TT Slam Tennis Racket (875 Power Level)

PRINCE - TRIPLE THREAT - TT Slam Tennis Racket (875 Power Level)

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Headsize: 110 sq. in.

Length: 27.50 in.

Weight (strung): 10.10 oz.

Stiffness (Babolat RDC): 69

Balance: 13.88 in.

Head Heavy Cross Section: 28mm/24mm

Tapered Beam Swingweight: 311 kg*sq. cm

String Pattern: 16x19

Grip: Prince DuraTac Grip Size: 4

Prince Power Level: 875

The Prince Triple Threat Scream Oversize is an outstanding choice for the beginning to intermediate player or a junior making the move to their first adult racquet. The Triple Threat Scream has a generous sweetspot, lighter static weight, and a stiff 28mm tapered beam to provide ample power for players with a slow to moderate swing speeds.

TRIPLE THREAT TECHNOLOGY The most important characteristics of a racquet are Power, Comfort, Control, and Maneuverability. These characteristics are directly effected by the stability of a racquet. When stability is enhanced in a racquet, these characteristics are improved. A more stable racquet that has a larger sweetspot is more accurate and has less torque. Triple Threat is the ideal technology to improve stability without sacrificing maneuverability. Triple Threat benefits ALL players, regardless of skill level.

TUNGSTEN TRIPLE BRAID Ultimate Stability, Power & Control Improving Triple Threat technology requires enhancing stability and this is done by concentrating the weight more effectively at 10, 2, and the butt cap. The perfect material to do the job is Tungsten. Tungsten allows Prince to precisely locate weight and design the most efficient racquet available on the market today. Triple Threat alone improves stability 11% over standard racquets.